Director's Profile

Dr. Tinagaran Nair

Dr Tinagaran Nair a trained medical doctor since year 2009 is the founder and managing director of TD WELL with great exposure in public, private and multinational company within healthcare industry.

Results-oriented and driven to manage healthcare business successfully. Adept at creating strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively support key business initiatives. Excel at building and retaining high – performance teams by hiring, developing, and motivating skilled professionals.

Versatile and respected professional presenting with 13 years of extensive accomplishments within diverse environments utilizing exemplary management, analytical, organizational, and people skills.

A well experienced leader with the ability to balance strategic decisions and financial discipline with a hands-on approach to leadership – resulting in strong patient, clinician and employee satisfaction.

Passionate about healthcare and medical advances. A keen reformist to improve today’s complex health care system with next – generation med-tech solutions and new models of care to dramatically transform health care delivery.